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SeedsDelmundo has more than 10 years of experience growing fruits on our land in Surinam. We have been offering these delicious fruits for a number of years now, which is why we are actually now an online exotic fruit store. We are specialized in selling dragon fruits, but we also offer many other exotic fruits! In addition to the fruits, the seeds are of course also available so that you have the opportunity to grow the fruits yourself. This is all possible at our exotic fruit shop

Order exotic fruit online; good idea?

This is certainly a good idea because you can often find a larger range online! Many physical exotic fruit shops offer exotic fruits, but unfortunately many do not have a complete range. Because there is often more offered online, the choice is all the greater! You can also find more information about the fruits directly online. Is there a good chance that you would have walked past fruits normally and now give them the chance? Curious which tips you can best use when you buy exotic fruit online? We have arranged that for you! Read further below.

Tips on how to buy exotic fruit online

It is of course very important that the fruits are fresh! This so that you can enjoy it optimally and or use seeds from the fruit to grow your own fruit. We would like to share the tips with you to avoid disappointment when it comes to buying tropical fruits online.

  1. Try to find out whether the fruits are not unnecessarily treated with substances to keep the fruits good for longer
  2. Please be aware of the shipping methods and see if it is possible to guarantee a fast shipment
  3. Look at the reviews of others, what their opinion was.
  4. Read about the fruits you buy, so that you are informed
  5. Seeds often last longer, so decide for yourself whether it might be better for your situation to buy seeds instead of fruits sometimes

You can buy tropical fruit here!

We offer fresh tropical fruit at our exotic fruit shop! We receive fresh shipments with fruits twice a month from Surinam, which we can send immediately! We ship from the Netherlands, so we can guarantee a very quick delivery within Europe, but also outside Europe. Curious about which fruits we offer, among other things? Take a look here and order your fruits immediately at our exotic fruit store. We have listed some facts for you below what Seeds Del Mundo stands for:

  • We can ship orders almost every day!
  • No minimum order!
  • Orders within Europe are always there within a week with a normal shipment
  • Orders can also be delivered the next day or the day after in Europe if desired
  • We also deliver fruits and/or seeds outside of Europe

If you are having more questions, feel free to ask, we are more than happy to help always 🙂

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