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How to eat dragon fruit?

how to eat dragon fruit

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Dragon fruit is a very complex food if you decide to eat it, because it has a lot of weird warts on its skin and it has large scales. Eating dragon fruit has become very popular among the health-conscious people and the fruit-lovers, especially because of all the amazing nutritional value and health benefits. You probably have asked yourself how to cut and eat this kind of fruit. Well then you’re lucky! In this article we will discuss step by step how to eat dragon fruit. Already getting curious? Then read further!

Best way to eat dragon fruit

There are a couple of steps you need to pass through, before eating dragon fruit and enjoy it. We have enumerated the steps down below of the best way to eat dragon fruit. Then we will discuss each step.

  • Choose ripe dragon fruit
  • How to cut dragon fruit?
  • Eat and enjoy!

How to choose ripe dragon fruit?

It is important to choose a ripe dragon fruit, because then it has the best taste, just like a kiwi for example. It also makes it easier to cut the dragon fruit in half and eat the pulp out of it!

  • Press with your fingers on the dragon fruit. If you feel it is too hard, then you should leave it for a couple of days. If you feel the dragon fruit gives slightly when squeezed, then you have the right one. If it is too soft, then it’s probably overripe and then it will taste less than a ripe one.
  • Avoid dragon fruit with weird and dark little bumps and bruises or dry brown spots.

How to cut a dragon fruit?

Eating dragon fruit is very healthy and it has amazing nutritional value. But before you can eat it, you need to cut it right. Use a sharp knife to cut it in half. Thereafter you take a spoon and scoop the pulp out of it. When it is ripe, the fruit lets go easily. When you have cut the dragon fruit, then it is ready to be eaten. Down below we discuss some good ideas of how you can eat dragon fruit.

Good ideas of eating dragon fruit

When you have followed the above two steps, your dragon fruit is ready to be eaten. You can simply eat it straight away, just like an apple, but you can also eat it with your yoghurt or put it into a salad or smoothie. We have summed up other nice tips of eating dragon fruit.

  • Dragon fruit tastes delicious with other kinds of tropical fruit, like kiwi’s, mango or ananas.
  • Dragon fruit especially tastes delicious when it’s cold. You can keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t eat the peel of the dragon fruit, because it’s not edible and it can cause stomach ache.

Eating dragon fruit appropriate for me?

Eating dragon fruit is in most cases safe for everyone. If you have eaten a dragon fruit and you don’t feel so well or you get allergic reactions, then you should not eat dragon fruit. No studies have been done on the allergies of dragon fruit for people.

Where can I buy dragon fruit?

Eating dragon fruit is amazing. Dragon fruit is very rare and you cannot simply buy it in every grocery store. Therefore, you should check our webshop for some amazing dragon fruit. In our webshop we sell different types of dragon fruit cuttings. We have dragon fruit in the colours red, pink, purple and white. The flesh of the dragon fruit differs from white flesh to pink flesh with both black seeds inside. Buy here your dragon fruit cuttings now! How do you eat dragon fruit? Let us know in the comments down below!

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