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Growing flowers from seeds is a very cheap and interesting way of growing flowers. There are a lot of flower seeds that can be grown indoors! A big advantage is that you can start indoors whenever you want since you can create optimal conditions for the flowers. Did you know that Seeds del Mundo sells flower seeds? The types we are able to sell are unique specimens that you find in tropical countries! You can buy flower seeds here. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about starting flower seeds indoors.

Starting flowers from seed

To see the full process of growing flowers, the best way is starting flowers from seed. The advantage of starting with planting flowers seeds indoors is that this is way cheaper than buying potted flowers. And the good part is, you can do this indoors! Follow this step by step guide of starting flowers seeds indoors! Lets go:

How to start seeds indoor

✓ 1. The first step is acquiring the seeds. We have a wide variety of colours available of plants to start indoors ranging from yellow, purple to red.
✓ 2. Get potting soil and containers. Luckily, there are numerous commercially available potting soils that you can buy at the grocery store! In addition to that, you can pick any container you like, from old cartboxes to yogurt packaging, any of them is fine.
✓ 3. Fill the containers with potting soil and plant the seeds. This step kinda speaks for itself. Fill the containers about two-thirds with the potting soil. After that you can sprinkle the seeds across the soil bed. Now get some more potting soil and lightly cover the seeds. Easy as that!

Increase the chances of surviving by growing your flower seeds indoor!

Caring for your flower seedlings

So, you have successfully followed the step-by-step instructions on starting flower seeds indoors. The next step is to care for our flower seedlings and before we can do that properly there are a few things you need to know. Let’s dive straight into it!

  • Watering the seeds: You should water the soil bed sparingly with a spray mist bottle and keep the soil moist. Make sure you don’t overwater the soil bed. This can lead to fungi that might kill your young seedling.
  • Temperature: Young seedlings generally germinate the best at temperatures around 18 degrees celsius. So make sure that you can keep the container in a warmer spot!
  • Sunlight: Young seedlings need at least 12 hours of sunlight per day. This means that the best time to start seeds indoors is generally during spring/summer when days get longer.

Advantages of growing flower seeds indoors

There are multiple reasons you should consider starting flower seeds indoors. Planting seedlings in potting ground outdoors may cause the seedlings to die off quickly. There are multiple uncontrollable aspects, like the weather, pesticides and more when you grow flowers outside. Next to that, young seedlings germinate the best at warmer temperatures. When you grow seeds indoors, you are able to control temperatures and are able to protect the seedlings from other harm.

Do you think you are ready to begin planting flower seeds indoors? Let us know if you have any questions and tell us how your growing adventure went!

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