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How to plant Dragon Fruit cuttings


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Dragon fruit is a sweet-tasting, brightly colored fruit which is probably familiar to you already. Did you know that you can grow your own dragon fruits and that this can be done in 2 ways? Our favorite way to plant dragon fruit is to do this through cuttings. Why we are fans of this way is because it saves a lot of time, among other things! This allows us to enjoy the fruits themselves earlier. Can’t wait to grow your own fruit too? Then read this blog where we tell everything on how to plant dragon fruit cuttings yourself.

how to plant dragon fruit from cutting? – Step by step plan

It will save you a lot of time getting dragon fruit from growing cuttings. Next to this, planting dragon fruit cuttings is a fairly easy process where we help you with the following step-by-step instructions below on how to plant dragon fruit cuttings!

  • 1. Prepare the soil. Dragon fruit cuttings acquire a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to grow. So pick your spot wisely, close to a window is fine! Make sure you pick a well-drained potting soil that is able to retain moisture well.
  • 2. Curing the cuttings. So, your dragon fruit cuttings have arrived. Let them settle in and get used to the climate. Also make sure you know which way is up for the cutting. Dragon fruit cuttings grow upright so it is essential you put them the right way up!
  • 3. Planting the dragon fruit cuttings. You plant the pitaya cuttings around 2-5 centimeters into the soil and press the soil tightly around the cuttings base.
  • 4. Watering the pitaya cuttings. Water the bed evenly and consistently. You will see progress after about 4 weeks!
  • 5. Transplanting cuttings. When the dragon fruit cuttings get bigger, transfer them to different pots to allow them to grow even bigger.
  • 6. Support system. Since dragon fruits are climbing cacti, they need a skeleton of wood or a different framework that they can climb.

Why you should plant pitaya cuttings – advantages

How to plant dragon fruit cuttings, a question we often get. Growing dragon fruit cuttings can be a very long and demanding task. If you plant pitaya seeds it might take up to 7 years before the plant starts to bear fruit. Next, to that there is a lot that can go wrong. Think of pests or other diseases that can harm a seedling. So, not only is growing cuttings quicker, it is also a lot more risk averse. We would really advise to start planting your own dragon fruit cutting if you are interested rather than choosing for the option to plant dragon fruit seeds.

What do you need before planting dragon fruit cuttings?

Before you start the process of how to grow dragon fruit cuttings, make sure you are ready and that you have attained the right materials and items. Let’s go!

  • Well drained potting soil to allow the pitaya cuttings to grow properly
  • A spot near a window for sunlight for optimal sun exposure
  • Medium sized pots in which the dragon fruit cuttings will be placed
  • A skeleton or support system for the dragon fruit cuttings

Fun for the whole family!

It is possible to plant cuttings for everyone. Children really enjoy the process and love the beautiful colors that the dragon fruit can have! Although dragon fruits don’t need much special care there are a few things to consider before you start planting your own pitaya cuttings. Here are a few tips for your dragon fruit adventure!

  • 1. Fertilization. Fertilize your dragon fruit plant once a month during growing season.
  • 2. Pruning. Cut of any dead or weak branches to avoid pests and diseases.
  • 3. Water and sunlight. Keep the soil moist and make sure the pitaya cuttings get 6 hours of sunlight to allow the dragon fruit cuttings to grow perfectly
  • 4. Temperature. Make sure the temperature is between 0-32 degrees celsius. The dragon fruit cuttings can not stand colder or warmer temperatures well.

Different varieties of dragon cuttings

So, do you think you are ready to start planting dragon fruit cuttings by yourself? We hope you have got answers on the question how to plant dragon fruit cuttings! We are very busy expanding our dragon fruit cuttings variety. Nowadays we can offer you more than 20 varieties. Interested in which ones? Have a look at Let us know if you have any questions or comments and let us know how it went!

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