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Pouteria caimito (Abiu)

Pouteria caimito (Abiu)


  • The taste is soft and sweet
  • Fruit only contains 1 seed
  • The Abiu cannot endure frost

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The Pouteria caimito, or better known as Abiu, is a tropical fruit tree from Central and South America. The Abiu cannot endure frost.

The fruit is bright yellow and has translucent white flesh. The taste is soft and sweet and the fruit contains 1 seed. The seeds germinate after 6 weeks, but it depends on the conditions. Here, in the tropics of Surinam, the Abiu took 4 years before the first fruit had developed on the tree. Now, in the 5th year, more fruits are appearing. A mature tree can bear more than 500 fruits. The Abiu can reach a height of 15 meters.


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