Pouteria caimito (Abiu)

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  • The taste is soft and sweet
  • Fruit only contains 1 seed
  • The Abiu cannot endure frost
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The Pouteria caimito, or better known as Abiu, is a tropical fruit tree from Central and South America. The Abiu cannot endure frost.
The tree grows to an average height of 15 meters, but can also grow bigger under perfect conditions.

The shape of the Abiu varies from round to oval, with a pointed end. The fruit is bright yellow and has translucent white flesh. The taste is soft and sweet and One Pouteria caimito fruit contains 1 seed. his Pouteria has a smooth and bright yellow skin and contains one to four ovate seeds. The inside of the fruit is kind of transparant and white. The Abiu has a creamy and jelly kind of texture. Some people say that it tastes similar to that of the sapodilla sweet caramel custard. We have a bit of a different opinion about this. In our oppinion the Abiu fruits are tasting even more balanced. It’s very sweet but in a way that it is not to extreme like some custards can be. This tropical fruit is really one of our prouds and one of our favorites!

The abiu tree belongs to the Sapotaceae family and closely resembles the canistel in appearance.The seeds germinate after 6 weeks, but it depends on the conditions. Here, in the tropics of Surinam, the Abiu took 4 years before the first fruit had developed on the tree. In the 5th year, more fruits are appearing. A mature tree can bear more than 500 fruits.

Important information about this Pouteria Caimito Abui variety:
This variety is low in latex and comparable with the E4 variety. One of the best variaties on the market 🙂

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