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Salacca Zalacca (Snakefruit)

Salacca Zalacca (Snakefruit)

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  • Crunchy sweet flesh!
  • One of the rarest craziest fruits
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The Salacca Zalacca (Snakefruit) comes from the surroundings of Malaysia and Indonesia. The fruit has a thin skin that is reminiscent of a snake skin. Hence the nickname Snakefruit. The flesh is crunchy sweet and looks like an apple. But the sweet taste is much more intense. The plants are dioecious, so to get fruit there must be a good ratio of male and female trees. After sowing it takes about 4 years for the first fruits to appear. The plant can then give fruit for another 50 years. The plant becomes about 4 meters high and contains large spines.

2 reviews for Salacca Zalacca (Snakefruit)

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