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Theobroma cacao (Cacao)

Theobroma cacao (Cacao)


✓ Cocoa tree, used for chocolate
✓ White flesh with sweet and sour taste
✓ Price = per 10 seeds or 1 Fruit / pot

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The Theobroma cacao (or cocoa tree) is the kind of Theobroma from which the best chocolate is made. The flesh is white and tastes sweet and sour. Unlike the Theobroma bicolor, this fruit is not so much eaten for the flesh, but rather be used for drying, roasting and peeling of the seeds, which is then ground into a chocolate pulp. It is a bushy tree and the fruits grow in clusters on the trunk. The tree can reach a height of 8 meters.

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Seeds | Whole Fruit - Pot

Seeds, Whole Fruit – Pot


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