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Today, many fruits can be found all over the world. Fruits with different shapes and flavors, with each fruit being unique. We have made a top 3 with fruits that we consider as most interesting fruits! We will of course mention why each fruit is so interesting to us! As you may already know, many fruits are packed full of minerals, fibers and vitamins. But many people forget to consume the following 3 fruits, which is why we mention them here!

Our top 3 (exotic) interesting fruits

At a young age you are often taught that fruit is healthy and that it can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. But are you also aware of the following 3 fruits and that they can also be very healthy for you?

  • Dragon fruit
  • Mamey Sapote
  • Snake fruit

1. Dragon fruit

We start our top 3 with the beautiful dragon fruit. I think you can see why we name this fruit in our top 3 interesting fruits if you look at the fruit itself. A fruit that looks a little different than you are probably used to (more exotic look), but they are incredibly tasty! You will find these fruits in different colors and sizes, where the sweet taste differs per color. The yellow dragon fruit is by far the sweetest dragon fruit of all varieties. Especially the fruits with a pink / magenta flesh are oftentimes very popular with children.

The taste of the fruits can be compared to a mix between a kiwi and a pear and the seeds are edible. In addition, they are also low in fat, they often contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, in other words healthy and also very tasty! Pitaya fruits are very high on our list of favorites.

2. Mamey Sapote

Contrary to the dragon fruit, this fruit looks quite ordinary. So why did we include this fruit in our interesting list? Because it can take up to 24 months for this fruit to ripen! This means that you have to wait 1 to 2 years before you can taste the mamey sapote fruit. However, these fruits are very popular despite the fact that you will need some patience if you grow them yourself.

Why are they popular? For example, if you mix the fruit with milk and put it in a blender, you create a delicious milkshake. Next to this, it is also quite often used as a dessert as you can easily spoon it right into your mouth like a pudding. The structure of the Mamey Sapote can be compared to an avocado, whereby the taste can be compared to a peach or pumpkin for instance.

3. Snake fruit

The last one to finish our top 3 of interesting fruits is the snake fruit. The fruit is already interesting because of its interesting fruit name. Quite often it is also referred to as snakeskin fruit.
Salacca fruit has a very firm structure (hence the name). The shell is constructed like that of a snake. The overlapping scales are reddish-brown and protect the flesh perfectly when transporting the fruits for instance.

Despite the appearance, this fruit has a delicious taste. It has a sweet flavor with a crispy texture. Therefore, this fruit is often used in salads. Peeling is easiest if you squeeze one of the ends and then pull it off. Then you can easily peel the rest of the fruit. Sounds easy right?

Of course, there are many more different fruits that we can think of, but we have discussed these 3 fruits for today. Check out our rare tropical seeds page for more information about all the rare tropical fruit seeds we offer today!

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