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Is dragon fruit good for diabetes?


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Dragon fruit also called Pitaya contains very valuable nutrients and it has a lot of healthy benefits. For example, it contains many vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, magnesium and iron. Because of all the nutritional value, dragon fruit can be good for people with diabetes. Recent studies have shown that there can be benefits from dragon fruit for sugar patients. In this article we will discuss why dragon fruit good is for diabetes. Read further!

Why is dragon fruit good for diabetes?

A study has been done after the effect of dragon fruit on glycemic control in prediabetes and diabetes type 2. The group type 2 diabetes had no reduction in blood sugar levels after eating dragon fruit. In contrast, the pre diabetics had a decrease in FPG (blood sugar level0 of 15,1 mg/dl). So there can be concluded that dragon fruit is especially good for people with prediabetes, because of the reduction of blood sugar levels. Prediabetes is an indication that you may develop diabetics, especially if you don’t change your eating habits and lifestyle. Also, it was concluded that the more dragon fruit you ate, the higher the percentage of decreased FPG was.

Red dragon fruit for diabetes

There are different types of dragon fruit, but there is no special dragon fruit for diabetics. It can be said that red dragon fruit is better, because of a greater antioxidant activity in the red dragon fruit than the white one. But there is no strong supportive research for this on lowering blood sugar levels.

Is Yellow dragon fruit good for diabetes?

Yellow dragon fruit can be good to people with (pre) diabetes. But beside eating dragon fruit, we also advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating only dragon fruit will not help to prevent diabetes and a high blood sugar level for instance. But of course, not only the yellow dragon fruits are more healthy or good for people with (pre)diabetes, as the other colors (pink, red, white, etc) are also very nutritious and healthy! Check many more benefits in our other blog! Does this answer your question ‘is yellow dragon fruit good for diabetes?’ Otherwise, we have more information for you below!

Conclusion: Is dragon fruit good for diabetes?

Is dragon fruit good for diabetes? Many of us will doubt the facts that dragon fruit can heal diabetes and that’s right. According to research, dragon fruit has no influence on diabetics. Research has also shown that dragon fruit can help to prevent people with prediabetes from becoming a sugar patient, provided that you follow a healthy lifestyle. There needs to be more research to get to more conclusions. Furthermore, dragon fruit is in general a nutritious food you should eat a couple times a week and it is also very delicious. Are you looking for some delicious dragon fruit? All right! In our webshop we sell different types of dragon fruit cuttings so you can make your own dragon fruit plant. How cool is that?

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