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Top 5 delicious orange tropical fruits

top 5 orange tropical fruit

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Tropical and exotic fruits are there in many different beautiful colours and mainly in the colours red, pink, orange, yellow or green. There are many orange color fruits available and they all have something in common, but they are also very unique of their own. In this blog we will discuss 5 delicious and beautiful orange tropical fruits, you may not have tried yet. Read more down below!

Top 5 orange exotic fruits

If we think about orange tropical fruits it could be orange from the inside as well as the outside. In our opinion the following 5 exotic fruits with an orange colour are the most delicious. We really advice to try them all!

  • Garcinia Humilis
  • Peach palm
  • Papaya
  • Orange
  • Gac

All about Garcinia Humilis

Our first favorite orange tropical fruit is the Garcinia Humilis, relative of the Lemondrop Mangosteen. This fruit is also called the Bolivian Mangosteen or Achacharu. The Achacharu is a small tropical fruit with sweet white flesh inside, but also considered as a little bit bitter. The Garcinia Humilis originates from Bolivia and Guyana. The Achacha has an appealing color and shape and is very decorative. It is ovoid, up to 6 cm long and 4 cm in diameter. It takes on a reddish-orange shade when the fruit reaches maturity.

In a nutshell:
✅ Taste: Sweet and bitter
✅ Nutritional value: This fruit contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamin B11, C and the mineral potassium
✅ Origin: Bolivia

All about the Peach palm

The Bactris gasipaes or also known as the Peach palm is also one of our favorite orange tropical fruits. The Peach palm is a family of the Arecaceae. This fruit is edible after boiling it in salt water for about 5 hours. The texture will become soft just like a sweet potato. The Bactris gasipaes is well spread in Central and South America.

In a nutshell:
✅ Taste: It has a mild flavor. After boiling in salt water, remove the skin and eat the pulp inside with added honey for a better taste.
✅ Nutritional value: High in vitamin A, C, E and B1, 2, 6 and 12. This tropical fruit is good for your immune system and blood pressure.
✅ Origin: America

All about Papaya’s

The Papaya is an exotic fruit with orange-coloured sweet flesh inside with black seeds. The orange flesh will literally melt in your mouth. You can eat the black seeds, but it’s not that delicious as the flesh. The seeds have the flavour of pepper. Other information about the papaya:

In a nutshell:
✅ Taste: the papaya gets sweeter as it ripens. The taste will range from mild to sweet. The flavor is sometimes compared with the mango or cantaloupe.
✅ Nutritional value: high in vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants, fiber and calcium.
✅ Origin: Papaya originates from Mexico and South-America. It also grows in other tropical regions.

All about oranges

The orange is one of the most popular orange tropical fruits in the world. Almost every supermarket sells oranges. Ofcourse the orange is orange of colour and orange from the inside. It has a good mixture of sweet and sour flavors. Some oranges are sweeter/sour than others.

In a nutshell:
✅ Taste: a mix of sweet and sour flavours.
✅ Nutritional value: High in vitamin C and folic acid.
✅ Origin: Oranges and mandarins originates from China, but oranges are currently produced worldwide in tropical countries in South-America.

All about the Gac

The last delicious tropical orange fruit is the Gac or also called the Momordica cochinchinensis. It has a mild taste just like an avocado but slightly sweeter. You won’t see the Gac so fast in convenience stores as papaya’s or oranges. That’s why we sell it online in our webshop. It is most commonly eaten in Vietnam. The Gac is a vine and gives spiky orange exotic fruits.

In a nutshell:
✅ Taste: It has a very mild sweet taste and is extremely healthy!
✅ Nutritional value: Rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, beta carotene and lycopene.
✅ Origin: Vietnam and North-East Australia.

Why are these orange tropical fruits our top 5?

At the office in the Netherlands and in Surinam we have tried so many different orange exotic fruits. Some were amazing and some were not that great as we expected, but that’s fine as well. We could conclude that the Peach palm and the Gac were by far the best orange fruits we have tasted. But opinions here vary widely. In opinions from others the oranges and the Papaya were their favorite. What’s your favorite orange tropical fruit?

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