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How to grow a dragon fruit plant from seed?


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Dragon fruit is an exotic and rare tropical fruit which you won’t easily encounter. The dragon fruit plant can grow very big, so support for this plant is needed. We get a lot of questions of how to grow a dragon fruit plant from seed. In this article we will tell you our own experience with growing dragon fruit and all the steps you need to take to plant a dragon fruit seed. Already getting curious? Then read further!

Our own experience with growing dragon fruit from a seedling

A few years ago we created our own dragon fruit plant from seed. We are almost three years further and the plant is almost as big as a hand. So if you want seedlings you have to be very patient. What is really fun about a seedling is that you don’t know if you’re dealing with a cross. Many kinds of dragon fruit are self pollinating, but some require cross-pollination, for example the Purple Haze.

Roadmap for creating your own dragon fruit species

What if you cross-pollinate with other species of which you don’t know the outcome? By this way you can create your own dragon fruit species. Follow the next roadmap to create your own dragon fruit species!

  1. When your dragon fruit isn’t able to self-pollinate, you’ll need to grow carefully two other dragon fruit plants for cross-pollination. So first cross-pollinate two pieces of dragon fruit plants.
  2. If it is a new variety after you have cross-pollinated, then you can give it a self-conceived name. Check in our webshop if your created dragon fruit specie doesn’t already exist.
  3. Make a picture and send it through Subsequently we will add this new variety to our webshop.
  4. You will get a nice compensation for this! If you have the patience to do this, that would be very nice.

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Interested in growing dragon fruit from a seed? Then Check out our easy step-by-step guide down here!

Easy step-by-step plan of planting a dragon fruit seed!

There are two options of planting dragon fruit, namely you can plant a seed or a dragon fruit cutting, with which you will get much faster results. Since not everybody has a cutting at its disposal, we will discuss how to get a dragon fruit plant from seed. This will not be much different than a cutting. Down below we have enumerated all the steps. Growing a dragon fruit plant is very easy when you execute the following three steps:

  1. Create the right setting for the dragon fruit plant
  2. Take care of the dragon fruit plant
  3. How to harvest the dragon fruit from the plant

Step 1: Choose the right setup for the dragon fruit plant

There are two ways of growing a dragon fruit from seed to fruiting plant. You can grow it indoors or outdoors. Our advice is when you live in a cold climate, you should start the dragon fruit germination inside in a pot. Do you live in a warm sunny climate ,where there is at least 6-8 hours of sun a day? Good! Then you can plant it outdoors. When you choose to grow a dragon fruit plant in a pot, then this article is definitely for you!

Use a well-drained cactus soil mixture

Once you have decided where you want to plant dragon fruit it’s time to plant the seeds. Use well-drained soil or make an own mixture of sand, potting soil and compost. If you plant outside make sure you plant it where water does not stop. In a pot or container you fill the compost to about 2,75 inches of the edge. Cover the seeds with a little bit of soil. The seeds don’t need to be planted deep.

Step 2: Nurture the dragon fruit plant

Dragon fruit germination from a seed is a long and patient process. Choose an area where the plant gets at least 6 and rather more hours of sunlight. Make sure you water the plant consistently, but certainly don’t overwater it. Keep the plant evenly moist. When your dragon fruit plant grows about 10 to 12 inches high, you should definitely use a trellis or wood stake to support the plant. Dragon fruit is for sure a climbing cactus. Be careful with fertilizing the plant. For best results you should fertilize the dragon fruit plant a little every month.

Overwatering is the main cause of why plants die.

Step 3: Harvesting dragon fruit

Although it may take several years for things to get going, it is possible that some plants grow about 12 inches per week. When you vegetate a dragon fruit plant from seed and you notice the plant is getting visible, separate them and put them in another pot. Most dragon fruit plants self-pollinate. If not, you’ll need to plant two or more dragon fruit plants for cross-pollination. Also make sure you prune by cutting off some leaves, because the Pitaya can grow very big. Less weight will make the plant stronger.

When picking the dragon fruit?

A ripe dragon fruit is usually produced at the end of the summer or in autumn. When the dragon fruit has a red or yellow color, depending on the variety, it is ripe. Find here all the tips in order to determine when a dragon fruit ripe is! The peel also needs to be a little soft when you squeeze the dragon fruit. When there are dark spots or bruises on the dragon fruit then it is overripe. When you see that the leaves of the dragon fruit are starting to wither or dry out, then your dragon fruit is ready to be picked and eaten.

How to enjoy your dragon fruit?

When you have followed these above three steps of growing the dragon fruit plant from seed you are done. You can pick the dragon fruit and eat it just straight away. But there are many different ways you can enjoy dragon fruit. You can make a dragon fruit shake for example or make cookies out of it. You can also eat it with yogurt or a salad, it doesn’t matter, because it is delicious with everything!

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