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Dragon fruit uses and benefits

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We have discussed Dragon Fruit in many different previous blogs and as you might already know… Team SEEDSDELMUNDO absolutely loves Dragon fruit. But did you know that dragon fruit is also used for other practices like health and skincare? Let’s dive straight in all the dragon fruit uses and benefits!

Health benefits of the fruit

A pitaya is a super healthy snack! The tropical super fruit is rich in vitamins B and C and contains a lot of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Dragon fruit is also a great source of fiber! Eating more of the exotic fruit is beneficial for your health in many ways. Besides the fact that they are healthy for you, they are also super tasty. Let’s dive into the use of dragon fruit:

Dragon fruit benefits for skin

Eating more pitaya can be extremely beneficial for your skin! You should eat the pitaya when it’s ripe. This is what the fruit may do:

  • May fight signs of ageing. That’s right! Dragon fruits are rich in antioxidants that may aid in slowing down the aging process by fighting off free radicals.
  • Could treat acne. Since Dragon Fruit is full of Vitamin C it might aid you to get rid of acne!
  • Helps soothing sunburn. A pitaya has many ingredients, including vitamin E, that may help you soothe redness because of sunburn!
  • Hydrates your skin. Finally, another use of dragon fruit can be that it hydrates your skin. The fruit has a high amount of water content which may help your skin get hydrated.

Dragon fruit benefits for hair

Next to skincare, dragon fruits can also be used to help the health of your hair! Some of the hair benefits are:

  • Treating coloured hair. The chemicals inside hair dye can damage your hair. The nutrition inside a dragon fruit may prevent damage. Just apply dragon fruit to your hair for 20 minutes!
  • Maintains hair health. If you apply dragon fruit to your scalp you might see improvements in hair issues and smoothness. This may lead to thick and strong hair!
  • Makes hair stronger. Dragon fruit may aid in fortifying your hair. Vitamins B1, B2 and C might lead to more blood circulation, strengthen the hair and combat hair loss. This may improve the strength of the fibers in your hair!

Relation to weight loss

Since Pitayas are high in fiber, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, they might help you lose some weight. Use of dragon fruit for weight loss is based on the fact that stabilized blood levels and prevent cravings and thus may benefit in losing weight! Next to that, a stabilization of blood sugar levels could prevent an excess in insulin production.

We are again aware of the importance of dragon fruit. Would you now order DragonFruit since you have read the benefits? We will certainly try it out! Overall, dragon fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals. This is exactly why it’s labelled as an absolute super fruit. Have you heard about any other crazy benefits dragon fruit might have? Let us know in the comments!

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