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Dragon fruit varieties


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Like we have mentioned before, the dragon fruit has to be one of team Seeds Del Mundo’s top favorite fruits. If you’re unfamiliar with the pitaya, which is how the tropical fruit is also often called, here is a short description! The Dragon fruit is a climbing cacti that is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical climates around the world. The flesh of pitaya can have different colours all varying depending on the sort. Wanna know all the different dragon fruit varieties? Read along, this blogpost will list them all!

  • Pink Dragon fruit
  • Yellow Dragon fruit
  • Red / Purple Dragon fruit
  • And many more Dragon fruit kinds!

What is, in your opinion, the best dragon fruit variety?

Pink dragon fruit

The Pink dragon fruit is one of the most well-known dragon fruits part of the pitaya family. Pink dragon fruits have white flesh that taste like a mild version of a mix between an apple and a pear.

The pink dragon fruit is originally from Southeast Asia, but has made its way across the world, and is now cultivated and loved in any tropical or subtropical area. Pink dragon fruits with white flesh taste completely different and are also generally larger than other types.

Yellow Pitaya

The yellow dragon fruit is a much rarer and unique sort, and isn’t among the popular types of dragon fruit. This type is one of the most delicious fruits we have ever tasted and has to be the richest flavoured dragon fruit in the world!

The yellow dragon fruit was first cultivated in Ecuador and is gaining popularity extremely fast. The inside of the fruit is white with little black seeds and, like mentioned before, tastes wonderful!

Red / Purple Dragons

One of the prettiest fruits on this dragon fruit varieties list is the red dragon fruit! The red pitaya fruit, as some people call it, isn’t as widely available as other dragon fruit kinds but can be found in tropical parts of Southeast Asia. In some areas this variant is known as the ‘purple or magenta dragon fruit’. It’s up to you to decide whether you identify the color as purple or as red.

Did you know that this kind of pitaya is the rarest dragon fruit sort in the world? The flesh of the fruit is a unique sight and tastes slightly sweeter than white fleshed variants. The red fleshed variant tastes absolutely amazing.

Did you know that the red Dragon Fruit Cuttings, prone to bear more fruit compared to yellow or white dragon fruit cuttings?

Other varieties

There are also a few, completely unknown, varieties that have been the result of experiments of various farmers across the globe. For example, there are a couple of cases of orange dragon fruit, pitayas with white or green skin and even purple-black skin. It is safe to say that there are numerous varieties of dragon fruit available! Do you want to know more about the different dragon fruit varieties and their colours? On our page, we tell everything about the different varieties and we will show you the different dragon fruit varieties we have for sale.

This blog described the full dragon fruit varieties list! Have we missed any rare dragon fruit varieties that you have seen around in your part of the world? Let us know and maybe we can add them to our product range!

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