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Eating mangosteen? Step-by-step plan!


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Mangosteen (Garcinia Mangostana), known as ‘the queen of the fruit’, is one of our top favourite tropical fruits. It has a purple skin with white flesh and has a sweet and sour taste. Mangosteen is a delicious rare fruit with a lot of good nutrients and health benefits for your body. Eating mangosteen can be quite tough if you don’t know exactly how to do this. At the end of this article you’ll know precisely how to eat mangosteen fruit and we will also give you some nice ideas of how to use it. Read further!

How to eat mangosteen fruit?

Mangosteen has a lot of nutritional value and it’s also very delicious with its unique taste. If you are a tropical fruit lover and haven’t tried the Mangostana, you must taste this beautiful fruit. Eating mangosteen isn’t that difficult if you follow our easy step-by-step plan down below. Consequently we will explain the three different steps more in detail.

  1. Choosing the correct mangosteen
  2. Opening the mangosteen fruit
  3. Ready to eat your mangosteen fruit

Step 1: How to choose the right mangistan?

At first ofcourse, you want a ripe mangosteen to eat. Look for mangosteen with a glossy sheen and firm outer skin without cracks, dark spots or leaky juice. Make sure the mangosteen is free of small insects and fruit flies. If you press the mangosteen a little bit and it feels soft and not hard, then it’s definitely ripe to eat it.

Remove the leaves and stem

The top of the mangostana consists of 4 leaves and a stem. At the top of the fruit you need to remove the leaves and stem of the fruit, because you cannot eat this part. Before you start opening the mangosteen, you discard the cap of the fruit with your fingers.

On the downside of the mangosteen, the number of petals corresponds with the number of pieces fruit in the mangosteen.

Step 2: How to open the mangosteen fruit?

Press in on the top of the mangosteen, after you have removed the cap. To open the mangosteen you can squeeze the fruit or use a knife to cut it. To do this, hold the fruit in one hand and use your thumb and index finger to press a little bit.

Don’t press too hard, because you could damage the soft mangosteen flesh inside by this way

Next, you can squeeze on the sides of the fruit to open it. The purple shell should crack. To do this, hold your whole hand around the fruit and apply a gentle pressure until it splits open. A ripe fresh mangosteen fruit will be easily split open by squeezing it.

Step 3: Eating mangostein fruit

If you notice the mangosteen fruit is hard to unclose it, you can also use a sharp knife. Make a shallow, horizontal cut into the fruit all the way around the shell. Don’t cut all the way into the shell, because this will damage the fruit inside. When it’s open you are ready for eating mangostein fruit. You can eat the white flesh inside of the fruit. You can use your hand or use a fork.

Can you eat mangosteen seeds?

Large pieces of mangistan fruit always have a seed inside it. Are the mangosteen seeds edible? No, we can assure you the mangosteen seeds are not edible. Smaller pieces of mangosteen fruit are usually seedless. Mangosteen seeds are in most cases white, but as the fruit ages, the seeds age as well and will start getting brown. Yellow flesh in the mangosteen fruit is much more sour and bitter than when it is snow white.

Did you know you can grow your own mangosteen fruit by using the seeds inside of the fruit?

How to store mangosteen fruit?

Eating mangosteen is a delicious tropical fruit and a great way to benefit from all the good nutritional value and unique antioxidants. A ripe mangosteen fruit at room temperature will last a couple of days. Most fruit you can store in the freezer, but with mangosteen definitely not, because this will give a lot of damage to the fruit. If you want to store it a little bit longer you can put mangosteen in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Where can I buy mangosteen fruit?

You won’t find mangosteen fruit that often in convenience stores. Mostly in Asian toko’s or online. In our webshop we have two different mangosteen fruits for sale, namely the Garcinia Mangostana and Garcinia Intermedia (the Lemondrop Mangosteen). Check out our tropical seeds and fruit page for these delicious mangosteen fruits! Have you already tried it?

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