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Dragon fruit for babies safe to eat?


Dragon fruit is gaining popularity in more and more countries. It is a very beautiful and rare tropical fruit with a similar texture to the kiwi. You may introduce dragon fruit to your baby, when your baby is ready to eat solid foods. Normally this is around 6 months old. Dragon fruit is a very soft solid food so it shouldn’t be that hard for your baby to eat it in contrary to an apple for example. In this article we will dive in on if dragon fruit for babies is good and how your baby can eat dragon fruit the best way possible.

Can babies eat dragon fruit?

Can babies eat dragon fruit? Yes! When your baby is 4 to 6 months old you can start with giving him his first bites. Not sooner. Appropriate fruit to give to your baby would be soft fruit, like peaches, pear or banana. Dragon fruit also has soft flesh, which makes it good to eat for your baby. So dragon fruit for babies is safe to be eaten, unless they develop a allergic reaction of course. Dragon fruit can be healthy for you baby because of the following reasons:

✓ It contains a lot of antioxidants and fiber;
✓ It contains a lot of minerals, like carotene, calcium iron and magnesium;
✓ It has a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin A, B and C, which is good for your immune system.

Which dragon fruit is safe for babies?

In general, there is no difference between all the dragon fruit types. Just like every other food you introduce to your baby, it’s important to check if he or she is allergic. So we advise to first give the baby a tiny portion of the fruit and watch out for allergic reactions. Once your baby is starting to eat solid foods, dragon fruit is easy to serve. A good starting point is the red dragon fruit, because this has a sweeter taste than the white ones. If your baby likes this taste, he is more likely to eat the other ones as well, without making a fuss.

How do you prepare dragon fruit for babies?

Preparing dragon fruit pieces for your baby is easy. Every baby develops on their own timeline. Down below we summed up how to serve dragon fruit for babies based on their age. First notice it is important to first remove the skin of the dragon fruit. Do you want to know about the best way of eating dragon fruit for yourself? Then this article is definitely for you!

  • 6-12 months: When your baby reaches the age of 6 months you can give them dragon fruit. Our advice is to first remove the peel and cut it in small pieces. Subsequently you mash it in a bowl with a little water, so they can easily eat and swallow it.
  • 12-18 months: At this age you can offer your baby small pieces of dragon fruit. At this time you can teach them how to eat with a fork. To vary you can blend dragon fruit to a shake or smoothie.
  • 18-24 months: At this age you may notice your baby is able to take accurate bites and to tear foods efficiently. You may offer him pieces with some yogurt and you don’t have to mash it.

Tip! Open and cut the dragon fruit in front of the baby. The bright beautiful color of the fruit will fascinate them and therefore you stimulate their curiosity to eat it.

Why should I give my baby dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is a very healthy and nutritious fruit, which contains a lot of health benefits. Now we have discussed how you prepare dragon fruit for babies, we will tell you all the health benefits of dragon fruit for the body of your baby. The dragon fruit contains two important vitamins, namely vitamin A and C, which takes care for good hair & eyes and a good immune system. Other health benefits are summed up hereunder.

✓ Dragon fruit improves a healthy gut: Dragon fruit contains prebiotics that can improve the balance of good bacteria in your gut. Fiber helps to boost satiety and digestion.
✓ Dragon fruit helps to build strong bones, because it contains potassium.
✓ Dragon fruit strengthens your immune system: The vitamin C and the carotenoids in the dragon fruit can boost your immune system and prevent your baby from infections and diseases.
✓ Dragon fruit reduces inflammation: Dragon fruit contains an antioxidant, named flavonoids, which can help to repair damaged cells.

Interested in buying dragon fruit for your baby?

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