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How to know when passion fruit is ripe?


A passion fruit is the name of a very beautiful tropical fruit. It is a very healthy fruit, but we understand that you would like to eat a ripe passion fruit. Mostly the seeds and pulp is edible of the passion fruit. It could be a bit hard how to know when passion fruit is ripe. Well no worries, because at the end of this blog you’ll exactly know how to tell if a passion fruit is ripe. Find your preference of finding out when you have a ripe passion fruit in this article!

How to tell if a passion fruit is ripe?

Trying to tell if passion fruit is ripe can be a little bit difficult. If you know what to look for and if you can determine a ripe passion fruit by your hand, you can find a good one. There are different methods of how to know when passion fruit is ripe. We summed it up down here.

  • Method 1: Know what passion fruit to search for
  • Method 2: Testing the weight and touch

Method 1: You need to know what passion fruit to search for

Recognize ripe passion fruit based on colour. Avoid ofcourse the green ones. Remember for yourself: ‘the greener, the less ripe’. This counts for all the varieties. Look for the colours purple passion fruit, red passion fruit or yellow passion fruit, depending on the kind of passion fruit.

Also look good at the peel of the passion fruit. If you see and feel a passion fruit is light wrinkled, then you know it is ripe and ready to be eaten. An unripe passion fruit has a glad skin. If it is really strong wrinkled, then it’s overripe.

The last tip we give on this method is to check for dark spots and damage on the fruit. In general some little cuts or spots on the fruit is not a problem in itself. You must look for some soft ripe passion fruit. Follow these three tips and you’ll know exactly how to know when passion fruit is ripe.

Method 2: Testing the weight and touch

If you are growing passion fruit by itself, then you won’t have to pick it off the plant. Let the fruit drop down by itself. Let the gravity do its work. Note that unripe passion fruit can fall off the three as a result of bad weather. If this is the case, use our first method.

Second, choose for passion fruit that is heavier. Unripe fruit is usually light. Take a weight scale and weigh your passion fruit. If it is between 35 and 50 grams your passion fruit is ripe. Passion fruit also needs to be a little firm, while pressing it. If it is soft it has reached its maturity.

How to ripen passion fruit?

If you have unripe passion fruit, then let it on the counter for a few days to get passion fruit ripe. Check every day the fruit so you can enjoy it before it is overripe. Cut the passion fruit open with a knife when it is ripe and don’t eat the peel. Use a little spoon to eat the yellow flesh inside it. Now you now know how to tell if a passion fruit is ripe, you can enjoy it! Enjoy your meal!

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