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Freeze dried dragon fruit

freeze dried dragon fruit

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There are some different ways to store your dragon fruit on the short-term or the long-term. On the short-term you can just leave it at the counter for 2-3 days and eat it when it’s ripe. Secondly, you can put it in the refrigerator. This way your dragon fruit should last up to 2 weeks or more in the fridge. In this article we will dive in more on freeze dried dragon fruit. Storing dragon fruit in the freezer has a lot of benefits, so we will tell you step by step how to freeze your dragon fruit the right way! Already getting curious? Read on quickly!

Why freeze dried dragon fruit pieces?

There are different reasons why people freeze in their fruit or buy frozen fruit. Freeze dried dragon fruit pieces are very convenient for people who don’t want to pay attention to the expiration date. All different types of dragon fruit are not long preservable when you leave it at the counter. If you freeze in dragon fruit, you can decide when you want to eat it. How cool is that?

‘‘Freeze dried dragon fruit should last several months in the freezer’’

Are these the only benefits? Certainly not! Down below we have summed up some of the other benefits.

Benefits of Freeze dried dragon fruit

Besides the longer expiration date when you freeze in dragon fruit, your freeze dried dragon fruit has more benefits:

✓ Vitamins and minerals of the dragon fruit stay longer maintainable, when you freeze it.

✓ If you plant your own dragon fruit cuttings and the fruits are ready to be chopped off, then you should freeze it directly. This is a way of preservation in which no chemicals are used, no strange substances or processing methods. So your dragon fruit will be completely pure!

✓ Freezing in dragon fruit barely loses its taste. By freezing it in quickly all the molecules of the fruit stay intact.

How to freeze dragon fruit?

Now we have discussed why storing dragon fruit on the long term is very useful, we will tell you step by step how to freeze-dry your dragon fruit. When you have cut off your ripe dragon fruit from the plant, it is time to freeze your dragon fruit. When your dragon fruit is overripe then its not smart to freeze it in or eat it up. You should use fresh ones to freeze in. Hereunder we appointed the steps. Thereafter, we explained the different steps to get freeze dried dragon fruit pieces. Read further!

  • Cut the dragon fruit into small pieces before freezing in.
  • Place the frozen dragon fruit cubes on a baking sheet.
  • Freeze the dragon fruit pieces overnight.
  • Place the dragon fruit cubes in sealed plastic bags after freezing in.
  • How to use the frozen dragon fruit pieces?

Step 1: Cut the dragon fruit

The first important step of storing your dragon fruit in the freezer is to cut it the right way. You should first peel the dragon fruit, so remove the skin. Subsequently you can cut the dragon fruit up into small cubes.

Step 2: Place the cubes on a baking sheet

When you have cut the dragon fruit into small pieces, you can place the cubes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure the cubes are not touching each other. This will make it easier to remove them. If you don’t have a baking sheet, you can also use a plate.

Step 3: Freeze in the dragon fruit

After completing step 2 it is time to freeze in the dragon fruit. To make sure the dragon fruit cubes are completely frozen, you need to place the plate in the freezer in the evening. After one night the dragon fruit is all the way frozen.

Step 4: Place the frozen dragon fruit in sealed plastic bags

After one night of freezing, you have freeze dried dragon fruit. The next step is to place the dragon fruit in sealed containers or plastic bags to keep it fresh and protected. Make sure that you remove as much air as possible to ensure fresher fruit. Label the fruit with the date before putting in, so you know how long it has been in there.

Step 5: How to use the frozen dragon fruit pieces?

Freezing dragon fruit pieces keeps the fruit from going bad, but it also changes the texture and taste a little bit. Our advice is to use frozen dragon fruit in smoothies, without letting it defrost it. Frozen dragon fruit will become mushy once it is completely thawed.

Other ways to store dragon fruit

As discussed in the introduction, freezing in dragon fruit is not the only way to store it. If you want to have fresh dragon fruit that keeps its taste and texture then that is fine. Other ways to store your dragon fruit is to:

  1. Leave your dragon fruit on the counter. If you know that you will eat your dragon fruit within a couple of days then it can ripe on the counter. Make sure you don’t cut into or peel it beforehand.
  2. Put your dragon fruit into the refrigerator. This will slow down the ripening process. Make sure you put your dragon fruit pieces in sealed containers or plastic bags first. This is important, because in the fridge the dragon fruit can be affected by other foods, which makes the taste different.

Where can I buy dragon fruit to freeze?

It’s unlikely you can buy this kind of fruit in a convenience store. Often Asian toko’s sell this kind of fruit or you can take a look at a marketplace, so if you know any you can take a look there to buy it. If you want to make sure you have the best dragon fruit, you can plant dragon fruit cuttings to grow your own dragon fruit. In our webshop we have different types of dragon fruit cuttings. A cutting is a part of a dragon fruit plant you will get to plant your own dragon fruit. We have four different types of dragon fruit, namely red, pink, purple and white ones. Buy here your dragon fruit now!

Should I freeze in dragon fruit?

Do you often have that you leave fruit on the counter too long and then it is rotten? You’re not the only one. Freeze dried dragon fruit is convenient for everyone, because you can eat it whenever you want. Frozen dragon fruit keeps its vitamins and minerals intact, because it can’t overripe. Do you want to profit from all the useful nutrients of the dragon fruit? Then the best way to conserve dragon fruit is by freezing it in to keep the useful nutrients. If you have tried our roadmap to get frozen dragon fruit pieces, let us know your experience with it!

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