Storing dragon fruit

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Storing dragon fruit? 2 easy methods!

Dragon fruit is not only a beautiful tropical fruit with an amazing sweet taste, but it also contains a lot of healthy nutrients for your body. Storing dragon fruit the right way is very important if you want fresh ripe dragon fruit. There are 3 different ways to store your dragon fruit in both the short and long term. We will discuss each method further in this article, so read on!

How to store dragon fruit?

There are two methods to store dragon fruit. By choosing the best storage method for your situation, you can enjoy your fruit at any time. We have enumerated all the ways down below. After we have discussed the two methods we will explain how you can recognize expired dragon fruit.

  • Method 1: Keeping dragon fruit stored on the short term
  • Method 2: Preserving dragon fruit on the long term

Method 1: How to store dragon fruit short term?

Before you store dragon fruit make sure you don’t peel or cut the dragon fruit. This will shorten the lifespan of the dragon fruit. Take it straight from the grocery or dragon fruit plant to the storage spot to ensure it stays fresh.

Leave it on the counter for a couple of days

The first dragon fruit storage is the counter of course. You can store dragon fruit on the counter for 2-3 days. Our advice here is to do this when you plan to eat dragon fruit right after you’ve bought or picked it. Dragon fruit will last a couple of days while sitting out on the counter.

Preserve dragon fruit in the refrigerator

Besides other fruits you can also put dragon fruit in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. This will slow down the ripening process. Make sure you put the dragon fruit first in a sealed container or bag first. Dragon fruit can be affected by other foods in the fridge, which will change its taste. That’s why you should seal it first.

Place dragon fruit pieces in sealed containers in the fridge

Imagine you already have sliced up your dragon fruit, then it’s possible to save them in the fridge. Make sure you remove the flesh first and put it again in a sealed bag, while removing as much air as possible from the bag. Sliced pieces of dragon fruit will only last a couple of days before going bad.

Method 2: How to store dragon fruit long term?

Storing dragon fruit long term is possible when you freeze dry dragon fruit pieces. So first cut the dragon fruit into small pieces. In another article we dived into the whole process to get perfect freeze dried dragon fruit. So if you’re interested in a full explanation in long term storing, then you should read it. After you have cut the dragon fruit you should place it on a plate or baking sheet lined with parchment paper or something similar. Subsequently you will let the dragon fruit freeze overnight. Thereafter, you should place the frozen pieces of dragon fruit into a plastic bag. Remove as much air as possible to ensure fresher fruit.

Tip! Label the container or plastic bag with the date before putting in the fridge, so you know how long it has been in the fridge.

Dragon fruit should last several months in the freezer. Storing dragon fruit in the freezer keeps it from going bad, but it also alters the texture and flavour a bit. If you don’t want this, you shouldn’t freeze it. Freeze dried dragon fruit is very convenient for people who want to make smoothies for example or people who want to preserve dragon fruit as long as possible.

How to recognize expired dragon fruit?

The last method of storing dragon fruit the right way is to recognize expired dragon fruit. You can check three aspects to know if the dragon fruit is still ripe. We have summed it up hereunder:

  • Check the dragon fruit for dark spots that indicates the fruit is no longer fresh. If you have left dragon fruit too long on the counter or in the fridge, the bright colour has faded away.
  • Check the outer layer for split-open cracks. If you notice any cracks then the fruit is no longer preservable.
  • Finally you can check the dragon fruit from the inside for brown flesh. If the flesh has turned a brown colour it’s time to throw it away. because it is rotten.

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