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Growing passion fruit indoors


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How to grow passion fruit indoors

Growing your own passion fruit indoors is very easily! So even though you don’t live in a tropical environment, it is possible to grow your own exotic fruit indoors. Another advantage, is that the process is actually quite simple. So you can easily create your own indoor garden. Did you know that passion fruits are one of our favorite fruits to make juices, yoghurts or smoothies with. If you share the love for passionfruit, as much TEAM SEEDS DEL MUNDO and are interested in growing passion fruit indoors, look no further! This blog will help you on your passion fruit growing journey. Enjoy!

Picking the right type of passionfruit

Before you start with growing passion fruit indoors, you have to pick the right type of passion fruit. Now I can hear you thinking: The right type? Yes! Did you know that there are multiple different types of passion fruit out there? There is the purple passion fruit, maybe the most popular one, the sweet grandilla and the giant grandilla. You can buy passion fruit seeds online at of the yellow passion fruit (passiflora edulis). The passion fruits differ in taste, so you should pick the right passion fruit based on your own preferences. Yellow passion fruit can be a little more sour than a purple passion fruit.

Planting the passion fruit seeds

After you have picked the right type of passion fruit, you can start the process of planting the seeds. You can buy the seeds here or remove the seeds from the passion fruit by scooping them out of the flesh. Keep in mind that growing a passion fruit seeds can take up to 19 months before it starts to give fruit. It might seem a long time, but it is worth the journey. Here’s how you plant passion fruit seeds indoors.

  • 1. Pick a pot with a diameter of about 15 centimeters and add the soil.
  • 2. Sow your seeds on the soil bed and cover them with a tiny layer of soil.
  • 3. Water the soil bed and seal it with a plastic wrap or bag to keep it moist
  • 4. Place the pot in an area where there’s sunlight, keep the temperature between 0 and 35 degrees celsius
  • 5. Water twice per week and give the seeds at least 4 hours of sunlight per day
  • 6. After 2 weeks pick the 3 strongest ones and replant them in a new pot, this will be your passion fruit vine

What pot and soil should I use then?

You can decide what size of pot you will use depending on the amount of seeds you want to grow and how much space you have. A thing to keep in mind is that the root system of a passion fruit vine can get pretty large, so make sure you don’t pick a pot that is too small. Also, make sure that the pot has drainage holes. For growing passion fruit indoors you can pick a lot of potting soils and you’ll be fine with most soils. Make sure the drainage of the soil is good.

Advantages of growing fruits indoors

The biggest advantages of creating your own tropical garden is the fact that you can grown your fruit all year round. Indoors you don’t have to deal with circumstances like snow, wind or much rain for instance. Meaning that you can create the optimal environment for your own fruit. Another benefits of growing fruit indoors is that it creates beauty and brings peace into your house and mind as well.

Studies have shown that caring for fruit can help lower anxiety, but can also lower stress! What are you waiting for?

What to keep in mind when growing your own exotic fruit

Growing passion fruit seeds indoors is a very fun process! There are a few things you are better of knowing than not before you start to grow passion fruit seeds indoors. As we mentioned earlier it can take up to 19 months before your seeds will give fruit. So be patient! Next to that, it is possible for the passion fruit to attract some problems like bitter rot or fungus infections. These infections are avoidable by keeping the seeds in the right temperature and giving them enough sunlight and water.

Ready to grown your own tropical garden indoor?

Did this blog answer all of your questions? Make sure you’ll send us questions on social media and keep us updated on your passion fruit growing process! Goodluck!

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