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Yellow Starfruit – Info & Tips


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A star fruit, or averrhoa carambola, is a generally unknown but extremely delicious juicy tropical fruit shaped like a star. You might think of tropical things like the beach, smoothies and sunshine when you hear the word star fruit. And rightly so, star fruits are grown in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Star fruit season is from February until June. Can you see why it is called a star fruit? It has gotten its name due to the fact that he is star shaped and also shoots stars in five directions as well. Interested in eating or growing yellow starfruit? Read along and find out!

Taste and texture of the averrhoa carambola

The yellow star shaped fruit has a weird wonderful firm taste that is described as a mix of green apples, grapefruits, pears and oranges with an acidy, pineapple like aftertaste. Keep in mind that a ripe star fruit is the most delicious! Unripe averrhoa carambolas have a sour taste. Yellow star fruits have the same texture as a grape which can be described as ‘crunchy’ or ‘crispy’. Are you already convinced of this great tropical fruit? Go to and order your seeds today online.

Health benefits of eating yellow star fruit

The fruit only contains 30 calories per fruit and has a high amount of minerals, fibers and vitamins. Eating a star fruit will give you a fine dosage of vitamins A, B and C along with minerals like magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium among many more. Yellow star shaped fruits also hold high amounts of antioxidants. Star fruit is known as one of the most low-calorie exotic fruit as well. Sounds really good right?

Growing yellow star shaped fruit at home

One yellow star fruit tree can give lots of fruit and the tropical seeds can be grown at home fairly simply. Carambola trees can stand low temperatures easily but need high temperatures to be able to grow at their best. You will need some space to grow the averrhoa carambola tree because it can get quite the size. Make sure you will use a well drained soil bed, enough sunlight and water the fruit seeds 2-3 times a week for optimal growth. Keep in mind that it will take the seeds 2-3 years before the tree is at the age of giving fruit.

Tips for eating yellow starfruit

Before you eat a carambola you have to make sure that the averrhoa carambola is ripe. The fruit are ripe when they appear bright yellow. The flesh should be firm, if it’s too soft the fruit is spoiled. Tips before eating the fruit: make sure you wash the fruit thoroughly and cut off brown edges. After washing and cutting you can remove the stem end of the averrhoa carambola.

  • 1. Before you eat the yellow star fruit, make sure you wash the fruit thoroughly and cut off brown edges.
  • 2.After washing and cutting you can remove the stem end of the averrhoa carambola.
  • 3. Slice the carambola in thick or thin slices horizontally.
  • 4. After slicing the fruit you’ll remove the averrhoa carambola seeds with the tip of the knife.
  • 5. Enjoy! You can use the carambola in salads, juices and cocktails!

Are you ready for star fruit season? What will you use this tropical fruit for?

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