when is a dragon fruit ripe

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Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants, carotene, vitamin C, fiber and a score of minerals, such as iron, magnesium and B vitamins. The fruit mainly grows in South- and Central America. This blog is dedicated to the ripeness of dragon fruit. We’re giving the answer to the question: when is a dragon fruit ripe? That’s very good to know, because everybody wants a tasty and juicy dragon fruit. Read all about it here!

How to tell if dragon fruit is ripe?

There are two ways to know if a dragon fruit is ripe. These ways will both get an individual explanation later in this blog. The following ways are possible:

  • Take a look at the appearance of the dragon fruit
  • Feel a dragon fruit

Take a look at the appearance of the dragon fruit

It’s an option to take a look at the outside of the fruit. An unripe dragon fruit has a green color. But what does a ripe dragon fruit look like? As the fruit ripens, the skin turns red or yellow, depending on the variety. A ripe dragon fruit has a bright yellow or red color. Dark spots may indicate overripe. However, it is normal for the fruit to have a few spots. You can also take a look at the ‘wings’ of the fruit. These wings start to dry, get brown and wither when the fruit is ripe. The last option is to cut the dragon fruit in two. The fruit is ripe when the inside looks firm and juicy. When a dragon fruit is overripe, the pulp has a brown color that resembles the bruises on the flesh of a banana. You should not eat fruits that are brown or dried out.

Feel a dragon fruit

It’s also possible to identify a ripe dragon fruit by feeling. Push carefully with your thumb on the dragon fruit. The peel should feel soft, but not too mushy. If the skin is very pulpy, the fruit is likely overripe. If the skin is still very firm, you have to let the fruit ripen for a few more days. Another sign that a dragon fruit is overripe is a dried out stem. Touch the fruit to determine if the stem is fragile, shriveled and dried out.

Picking dragon fruit

When dragon fruits are ripe, they are ready to be picked. In general, the fruit is ripe after a minimum of 27 to 33 days has passed from the time the plant was in bloom. Before picking you will have to remove the thorns from the fruit with pliers. However, you should always wear gloves and be careful because the needles are very sharp. Once a dragon fruit is ripe and ready to be picked, you can easily remove it from the plant by turning it a few times. Don’t wait for the dragon fruit to fall off the plant. This means that the fruit is overripe.

When is dragon fruit ready to eat?

Once a dragon fruit is ripe and picked, it’s also ready to be eaten. That’s because unlike many other types of fruits, dragon fruits don’t ripen very much after they are harvested. Now you have the answer to the question: When is a dragon fruit ripe?

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