Artocarpus altilis (Breadfruit)


  • We offer cuttings to you!
  • Receive fruit after 2 years instead of perhaps 6 years!
  • Produces fruit up to a kilo

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The Artocarpus altilis or also called Breadfruit is a tall tree that produces fruits up to a kilo. Breadfruit trees usually give twice a year, but can also give fruit in between. The breadfruit is a true supplement to the diet and can replace the potato. Puree breadfruit with warm milk and some sugar makes a delicious breadfruit porridge. Our tree is a seedless variety, so we can only offer rooted cuttings. These cuttings are fast growers, so that gives you a nice head start.
The breadfruit normally gives in 3 to 6 years, but our rooted cuttings could be after 2 years in ideal conditions.
Like other Artocarpus species, the breadfruit should not be too wet. The breadfruit thrives best between 21 – 30 degrees Celsius, but also tolerates 12 degrees Celsius as a minimum temperature and 40 degrees Celsius as a maximum temperature.

We only offer the cuttings to you!


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