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After many blogs we already have written about dragon fruit, we didn’t really dive into the flavour of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit looks very exotic and awesome that it must have a great taste. Did you know that the different colors of dragon fruit also have different flavors? We are curious about what your favourite dragon fruit flavor is! Do you like a sweet dragon fruit, or not at all? Lets now talk about the dragon fruit flavor of all the different types of dragon fruit in this blog. Read further!

What does dragon fruit taste like?

How dragon fruit tastes depends on which type you eat. There are five main types of dragon fruit, but new dragon fruit types can arise if you grow your own dragon fruit. Click here to check out our webshop of all different types of dragon fruit. The five main colours are:

  • White dragon fruit
  • Red dragon fruit
  • Pink dragon fruit
  • Yellow dragon fruit
  • Purple dragon fruit

All the above dragon fruits taste a little bit different from each other. The texture of each dragon fruit is watery and they all taste very fresh. Check out down below the dragon fruit taste description per dragon fruit type/colour.

White dragon fruit flavor

In general the dragon fruit with white flesh is probably the most common one you have seen or eaten. The other species are much more rarer. The taste of white dragon fruit flesh is kind of similar to a kiwi or pear. It doesn’t have a really sour or sweet flavor. We eat this type a lot and we find it a very fresh tropical fruit. Dragon fruit with a pink/red skin, white flesh and black seeds is also called the Hylocereus undatus.

Red dragon fruit flavour

If you want to know the red dragon fruit flavor, then you probably have the Hylocereus costaricensis indoors. This is the dragon fruit with pink/red skin, red flesh and black seeds inside, one of the main types of dragon fruit. This dragon fruit has kind of a similar taste as the Hylocereus undatus. It has a little aromatic flavour.

Taste of yellow dragon fruit

The Hylocereus megalanthus is one of our favorites. In our opinion the yellow pitaya has the best taste of all types. It’s a lot sweeter than the other types, but not too sweet. Also it’s a very fresh tropical fruit. So if you haven’t tried this one yet, we strongly recommend this one. The good news, the yellow dragon fruit cuttings will soon be available in our webshop! We already sell dragon fruit yellow seeds as of now. Interested? Check here our dragon fruit yellow seeds we sell.

Purple and pink dragon fruit taste

If you have a purple or pink pitahaya, then you have a special one like the dark star, purple haze or American beauty. These varieties have grape-like flavours and are very delicious. The best way to use it is to eat it just straight away or use it in a dish.

How to make dragon fruit taste better?

If you really want to bring your dragon fruit flavor to the next level, then you can make beautiful dishes and recipes with it. For example, a delicious dragon fruit shake, tropical fruit salad, dragon fruit cookies and more! Keep an eye on our blog to stay up to date with all these delicious recipes!

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